Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

2017 FBCOB Lottie Moon Offering

  • Goal $30,000.0091%
  • $27,190.37 collected for the 2017 Lottie Moon Offering

FBCOB GIVING DAY: December 17, 2017


Lottie Moon - the namesake of the international missions offering - has become something of a legend to us. But in her time Lottie was anything but an untouchable hero. In fact, she was like today's missionaries. She was a hard-working, deep-loving Southern Baptist who labored tirelessly so her people group could know Jesus.
Why was the offering named for this early missionary?
Throughout her career, Lottie Moon wrote numerous letters home, urging Southern Baptists to greater missions involvement and support. One of those letters triggered Southern Baptists' first Christmas offering for international missions - enough to send three new missionaries to China.
That question, ubiquitous in the letters of Lottie Moon, seared her heart as she planted her life in China more than a century ago. It compelled her to flee the safety of the Baptist missionary compound in order to live among those "heathen" to whom she felt called. It gave her the strength to place her 4-foot-3-inch body in the path of an anti-Christian mob intent on harming believers and saying, "You will have to kill me first." How many souls? What did she think? One million? Five million? Fifty million? One hundred years later, nearly 7,000 people groups out of the world’s 11,000-plus people groups are considered yet unreached. They include more than half the world’s population. More than 3,000 unreached people groups are unengaged, having no church-planting strategy at all. During the past five generations, Southern Baptists have been motivated by Lottie Moon to plant their lives in missions by going or supporting others who are carrying the Gospel light into the darkness. Today, despite recent shortfalls in the offering, we support what seems a respectable number of missionaries on the field: about 5,000. Today, our goal for the annual missions offering named for Lottie Moon is a substantial $175 million. What would Lottie think? Would she be impressed that 16 million Southern Baptists were supporting about 5,000 missionaries? Would she think $175 million is a worthy goal? Or would she challenge us once again: "How many million more souls are to pass into eternity without having heard the name of Jesus?"