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Reach Our Community 2014

2014 Missions Strategy

In 2014, we will be focusing on local missions here in Olive Branch and our surrounding area. We have 6 planned mission projects throughout the year. Take a look below to see where you would like to serve!
  • Baptist Children's Village Work Day
    • March 15
    • leaving church at 9:00am Hall
       This mission project will start here at the Men’s Prayer Breakfast on March 15. The breakfast for men will start at 8:00am in the FLC Dining Hall and we will leave for the Baptist Children’s Village Farrow Manor Campus in Independence, MS.
       The director is getting a list of tasks together that will include working outside and inside around campus doing repairs and clearing brush. We will also be collecting these items for the houses:
             • toilet paper
             • bleach
             • dishwasing liquid
             • paper towels
             • napkins
             • other household items
             • AT high efficiency washing powder
       We will also have a chance to hang out with, feed lunch, and play with the kids on campus. Men, women, and the whole family are invited to come serve at the Baptist Children’s Village!

    Learn More About BCV
  • ESL Ministry
    • projected start date: March 2014
       English as a Second Language will be starting in the Spring of 2014 here at FBCOB. This ministry is a great opportunity to reach the internationals located in our area! We teach them English, but more importantly, we also teach them the Bible.
       This ministry will include several different ways to serve. We will need teachers, registrars, people to supply snacks, possibly childcare in the future, and advertisement in the community.
       Please let us know if you are interested in serving by emailing ESL@fbcob.org.

  • School Teacher Year-End Assistance
    • projected date: the end of May
       Every year, most elementary school teachers clear their rooms for cleaning and repainting. We want to be there to help, so their summer will get started a little sooner and so they can have a little assistance to finish off the school year.
       We will either be serving at Olive Branch Elementary or Olive Branch Intermediate (or even both if enough people sign up!)
       Our goal is to also be able to serve the teachers lunch and hopefully have the opportunity share the gospel with them as well.
       We will need two teams of people; a cooking team and a moving team, so sign up and give our teachers a break at the end of the year!
  • Brinkley Heights Street Reach Memphis
    • projected date: June
       This mission project will include preparing meals for missions teams serving at Brinkley Heights summer missionary program. Teams come in from all over the nation to lead backyard bible clubs at an inner-city Memphis area.
       The date has yet to be set, but it will take place in possibly early June. You will be preparing meals for the mission teams serving with Brinkley Heights. The number od days we will be doing this will depend on how many volunteers sign up. You may help all the days or just one. It’s your choice.
       Please don’t miss this opportunity to work with a ministry reaching those who desperately need Christ in Memphis.

    Learn More About StreetReach
  • Ronald McDonald House
    • projected date: June
       We will need a relatively small group of people (maybe 5 to 10) to serve at the Ronald McDonald House this summer. We are still gathering details, but you will visit the families and provide crafts and storytime in a format similar to a backyard bible club. This would be a great project for 2 or 3 families to sign up together!

    Learn More About Ronald McDonald House
  • Serve The City
    • Youth Mission Project
    • July 19-24
       Serve the City 2014 will be a great week of missions and evangelism for our youth! Think of it as a DNOW with a missions and evangelism focus. We are bringing in Grant Medford, a former NAMB missionary and current youth pastor to speak and we are also bringing in a band that is yet to be determined.
       We are inviting several other youth groups from around the region to join us in reaching out to Olive Branch. Students will stay on campus here at FBCOB. Activities will include evangelism training, breakout sessions covering different topics, missions projects around the city (backyard bible clubs, mowing lawns, etc...), door-to-door evangelism, community-wide worship services, and a huge block party for the whole community to cap off the week.
       Cost will be low and will include meals every day.
       Your student will not want to miss this missions experience!
  • Thanksgiving Meal for the Needy
       We want fo fill the FLC Dining Hall up with families from our area that will not have the opportunity to feed their families a good meal for Thanksgiving. We will provide a nice, sit-down meal for families to enjoy a time together. We will share the gospel with them and just love on them.
       We will need cooks, servers, clean-up crew, and other help to pull this off. This is a great way to say thanks! Our desire is for others to see us give up our time and energy to provide a great meal to others so that they will see the love of Jesus in a real and personal way.
       This will take place on Thanksgiving night and will be a great way to change it up a little for you and your family this Thanksgiving by serving the Lord!

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