We take the command from Jesus Christ to make disciples serious here at FBCOB. Our L.E.A.D. classes are designed in a way to better equip you to become leaders, evangelists and disciple makers in your home, community and the world.
Rooted in Faith, Reaching in Love and Growing in Grace!

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• Classes will be on Wednesday Nights from 6:15-7:30pm.
• Discipleship & Church Health will be offered Wednesday mornings at 10am.

• Childcare is available.
NEW CLASSES will begin on June 15

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Classes will be on Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:30pm.
Discipleship and Church Health will be offered Wednesday mornings at 10am

NEW CLASSES will begin on June 15

Please sign up on this page, in the information center, or by calling the church office.
Led by: Charlie Shafer
Room E104

  • Recognize the importance of making disciples.
  • Discover how Jesus selected and trained His disciples.
  • Learn relevant ways to make disciples.
Led by: Michael Carpenter
Room E106

  • Grasp the Biblical importance of sharing the Gospel .
  • Practice proven ways to personally share the Gospel.
  • Understand why evangelism must be the “heartbeat” of our church.
Led by: Andrew & Kimberly Smith
Choir Room

  • Discover what prayer is and various types of prayer.
  • Gain understanding on how and why God wants us to pray.
  • Experience God in personal times of prayer and journaling.
  • Learn to respond in prayer during spiritual warfare.
  • Discover truths about God that will help you pray in faith.
  • Develop targeted prayer strategies for your life.
Led by: Pastor Kerr
FLC Conference Room

  • Help to evaluate the health of our church.
  • Learn to recognize the illnesses that plague a church.
  • Experience God in personal times of prayer and journaling.
  • Discover how you can allow God to use you in new ways.